Simple High-Taste Salmon Mentai Recipe

Simple Salmon Mentai Recipe. Check out other delicious Shirataki Salmon Mentai recipes too. Salmon mentai rice is one of the most popular of all mentai creations. Often sold expensive in restaurants, let's just make it yourself.

Salmon Mentai Sederhana       Check out the ingredients for making the salmon in this article, OK! One of them is cashew sauce, a mixture of fish eggs that have been marinated with mayonnaise. Salmon Mentai Rice is a simple food that you can usually find in Japanese restaurants. You can make a Simple Salmon Mentai using 13 ingredients and how to make 5. Here's how to make a practical one.

What You Need To Make A Simple Mentai Salmon

Add 200 g of salmon.

Add the salmon marinate ingredients.

Combine 5 packs of soy sauce sachets.

Prepare 2 tbsp of oyster sauce.

Prepare 1 tbsp of sugar.

Prepare sufficient amount of water.

Combine from the sauce ingredients (mix well).

Add 5 tbsp of mayonnaise.

Prepare 2 tbsp of tomato sauce.

Prepare 1 piece of soy sauce.

Prepare from other materials.

Prepare a taste of rice.

Mix 8 pcs of Crab sticks.

Salmon Mentai Rice is now mushrooming in today's food industry. Mentai preparations have sprung up on social media and are getting more and more viral. Here's the recipe and how to make contemporary salmon mentai and practical recipes for contemporary and appetizing salmon mentai. Mentai rice is a simple dish that looks at first glance like a schotel macaroni.

Steps to Make a Simple Salmon Mentai

Rinse the salmon under running water. Cut according to taste. Soak with salmon marinate for 15 minutes on top. Adjust the taste ..

While waiting for the salmon, soak the crabstick in boiling water ..

Enter the sauce ingredients: mayonnaise, tomato sauce and soy sauce. Stir well and put in a plastic kilo ..

Baked salmon on a baking sheet without oil. Maturity is adjusted ..

Prepare rice in a container. Sprinkle the salmon and crab sticks on top. And put the sauce ...

But nowadays there are so many that combine cashew sauce with salmon, crab, tuna, or. Recipe for Salmon Mentai Rice by Chef Yongki Gunawan, Simple Special, Delicious Original. This viral and contemporary Japanese restaurant-style mentai dish is made with salmon filling. Simple mentai sauce can be made by mixing mayonnaise and chili sauce. Pour the rice over the stainless container then arrange the nuggets and cover with sauce and add grated mozzarella cheese 

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