Mackerel Brain Recipe Delicious

Mackerel Brain Recipe Delicious.Fish brains are a typical food of the island of Bangka, processed fish meat wrapped in banana leaves is definitely addictive, now you don't need to be far away. One delicious dish that is hard to resist, it is the steamed mackerel fish brain recipe which I will share below. Snack from Makassar typical mackerel fish.

Otak otak tenggiri#22       Are you sure the brains you buy are free of harmful ingredients and are fish meat dominant? Mending is definitely healthy and delicious, by making your own using this recipe. We are a home industry company engaged in providing typical food for bangka, especially brains of mackerel, and other products. You can make Brain mackerel brain # 22 using 10 ingredients and how to make 3. The following is a practical way to prescribe. Check This Out :

Ingredients Needed To Make The Mackerel Brain 

Mix 300 grams of mackerel fish meat.

Add 1 of the egg whites.

Prepare 6 of the shallots.

Prepare 4 of the garlic.

Add 200 of the .ml. coconut milk (1kara plus ice water).

Mix 1 teaspoon of pepper.

Prepare 1 packet of chicken masako.

Add 1.5 tbsp of sugar.

Add 1 piece of sliced ​​green onion.

Add from the Sambal kacang: tamarind chili beans and brown sugar salt.

In addition, the mackerel brains are also suitable for meals at dawn if a traveler is lazy to cook. Dimsum Sauce Dimsum Sauce Recipe for Brain-Otak Otak Mackerel Dimsum is a popular side food. Usually served in a distinctive bamboo container, complete with sauce.

How To Make Mackerel Brain Brain 

Blend the mackerel fish meat with egg white, fine white onion, coconut milk if it is well mixed, add the masako pepper and sugar ..

Knead while slightly hitting it with your palms, then add the finely sliced ​​chives and stir well. You can test the taste by trying to bake a little. If it is right, put it in a triangle bag, then spray it on the leaves.

Wrap and pin. I use straples. Then bake over low heat. If it's cooked, serve with peanut sauce.

These foods are called brains because they generally have a brain-like color and texture. And the fish that is most famous for being used as brains is the mackerel fish. Mackerel fish is very suitable and delicious for the brains, which are cooked by frying. The ingredients are almost the same as the steamed mackerel brains. Otak-otak is processed fish food made from fresh mackerel fish.

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