Kareh-kareh Cake Recipe Typical Traditional Minang Snacks High Taste

Kareh-kareh Cake Recipe Typical Traditional Minang Snacks High Taste

Kue Kareh-kareh Cemilan Tradisional Khas Minang       The bika cake is inspired by a typical Malay cake that is modified with developer ingredients and produces a cake that has a cavity and is different from Gudeg cake, which is a traditional food from the Yogyakarta region with the basic ingredients of young jackfruit which is cut later. That's a typical Minang snack that you should try and can be used as souvenirs for your relatives and friends. One of the traditional Acehnese snacks that still exists today is keukarah or karah cake. You can make traditional Minang Kareh-kareh snacks using 4 ingredients and how to make 5. Here is a practical way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Traditional Minang Snacks Kareh-kareh Cake

Mix 250 grams of rice flour.

Mix 150 grams of sugar.

Prepare 200 ml of water.

Add a pinch of salt.

This cookie, which has a sweet and crunchy taste, is a perfect companion while relaxing while enjoying a cup of Tanah Rencong coffee. Indonesia has many delicious and delicious culinary delights, one of which is a variety of traditional cakes available in various regions in the archipelago. These traditional Indonesian cakes also vary from traditional wet cakes to traditional pastries. This kind of traditional sweet cake, can only be found in Aceh, especially in the Pidie Jaya district.

Steps to Make Traditional Minang Snacks Kareh-kareh Cake

Bring sugar, salt and water to a boil, strain. Chill.

After chilling, stir with flour, add a little at a time. Stir for 10 minutes so that later the Kareh-kareh is not too hard ..

You should use a coconut shell mold that has a hole. Because the mold is in the village so I use a milk can that is tucked into it and put a stalk. Smear the mold with cooking oil, put it in the mold and fry it while turning and hitting on it ..

Double. Cook using low heat only ..

Serve ..

Keukarah or karah is a snack made from a mixture of coconut shell and coconut milk in the form of a palm-sized javelin. The next cake that can be a delicious snack is klepon. This traditional snack tastes sweet. It turns out that traditional Indonesian snacks can be made at home. Besides being able to measure the sweetness yourself, you are also more sure about the ingredients.

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